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'It began simply and without fuss. On the night that Jamia Millia Islamia was attacked, ten women walked out of their homes and onto the road next door that connects Delhi with Uttar Pradesh with a resolve not to move, come what may.

These women who describe themselves as jahil and uneducated, like the 90-year-old great grandma being asked to prove that she is Indian or the 55-year-old mother who educated her son only to find that he has no prospects or the young woman staring at an uncertain future with a 20-day-old baby — are still sitting there as you read this, through a bitterly cold Delhi December, in defense of the Constitution and in a fight they call — kalam ki ladai.

A few hours earlier on that day and on that road, there had been a protest composed of few hundred young men against the new citizenship law. But it couldn’t last. The protest quickly devolved into a showdown with the Delhi police involving stones from one side and rubber bullets from the other.'

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