Top Mods Weekly: NEW Shields, HORROR and MORE! (Skyrim XBOX)

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Hello and welcome to another top 5 mods of the week video,
Skyrim modders keep delivering amazing quality mods,
They improve our textures, Animations, Combat, Add new Weapons, Armors or Enemies and a whole host more trigger words to bring you to this video.
These are my top 5 mods of the week I hope you enjoy the video.

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Daedric Kynval Armor:
3D Modelling Assets:
Chakra Nexus:

The Draugr Horde New Version:

Legendary Alpha Shields:

Bellyache's HD Collection - Porters Choice:

Desolate Mourning - A Horror Overhaul:

A special thanks to my buddy Ehatch who provided the music for this video,
he does a ton of a amazing stuff which you can find here:
Youtube -
Soundcloud -
Twitch -

And to GLAssassin for providing screenshots for the thumbnail, you can follow his work here:
Nexus: +files

Intro 00:00
5. Daedric Kynval Armor 00:27
4. Draugr Horde 01:25
3. Legendary Alpha Shields 02:36
2. Bellyache's HD Collection 03:44
1. Desolate Mourning 04:46
Outro 06:14
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