Toxic Players 1v1 A Grand Champ They Trash-Talked in Rocket League...

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Toxic Players 1v1 A Grand Champ in Rocket League

Toxic and Rocket League are two phrases that go hand-in-hand, as there will always be toxic players in Rocket League, however this time, the toxic players entered my comments section. In my last video, a lot of people trashed one of the Grand Champ's, Canadian, because of his lack of mechanics by being toxic in the comments section. So I set up 1v1s for both Canadian the Grand Champ and the toxic commenters to prove their point in Rocket League, and stay tuned to find out who comes out on

Also, please don't be toxic in the comments, these guys were brave enough by putting themselves in the video. Thanks!

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0:00 - Intro
0:56 - Toxic Player #1
3:18 - Toxic Player #2
6:48 - Post-Game Interview
7:15 - Game 3

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