Toxic Wasteland - Terraria Calamity Mod Melee Deathmode #12

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????️ Deathmode is a custom difficulty added by Calamity. DM adds even more AI changes than revengeance does, makes bosses much harder, adds environmental effects such as heat, cold and cave darkness for you to manage and hazards for you to avoid ontop of many other small changes to create a high level of challenge (and pain).
Revengeance is an easier version with less changes but still offers a unique experience.
???? The 2 bars in the top left are "Rage & Adrenaline". Revengeance and higher will enable them and they build up under different conditions. Rage builds up when taking damage, Adrenaline builds up when not taking damage in a boss fight and resets to 0 on a hit. Both boost your damage by and respectively for 5 seconds once filled and activated (thats the moonlord laser sound you hear).
???? The texture pack I am using (most of the time) is the Calamity texturepack, if the night sky looks different its because of the "better night sky mod".

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