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Waldorf Iridium: Particle Engine & Sample Playback Overview

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Today we gonna check out sample playback and settings related to it. We also look into granular and all of its setting. Certainly a creative tool that can either work with strict rules of ranges and velocities, or lead to happy accidents with randomizers and a sheer endless amount of sounds.

0:00 Intro
0:30 Disclaimer
1:02 Selecting Samples
1:24 Detour: Recording
1:50 Cloud! Basic Playback
2:30 Sample Settings
3:35 File Naming
4:06 Rule Param
4:40 Add by Folder
5:10 Testing Modes
5:50 Simple Demo Jam
7:06 Going Granular
8:07 Murky Pad FTW
8:34 Controls Overview
9:58 Shaping Grains
10:40 Length and Jitter
11:18 Position
11:34 Grain Poly
12:40 Stereo Field
13:10 Travel
13:30 Exploring
14:35 Travel more
15:07 Attack/Decay Test
16:13 Grain Pitch
17:09 Outro

Thanks for watching !

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