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Wearable Computing and the Veillance Contract: Steve Mann at TEDxToronto

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The fifth annual TEDxToronto conference took place on September 26, 2013 at The Royal Conservatory of Music.

For our 2013 TEDxToronto Conference, all talks, performances and demos were rooted in our selected theme, "The Choices We Make."

About the Speaker:
Steve Mann, PhD, and a Professor at U of T, has been recognized as "the father of the wearable computer". Mann was the inventor of the EyeBorg camera, named one of the 50 Best Inventions of the Year by TIME. The ideas from his recent book "CYBORG: Digital Destiny and Human Possibility in the Age of the Wearable Computer" inspired a motion picture film about his life said by to be Canada's most important film of the year. He has been described as a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci and is also a sculptor and artist.

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