WHAT IS LIFE? #17 : Gnosticism, the daemon, death, quantum physics... and more!

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WHAT IS LIFE? #17 Tim Freke and Anthony Peake

Anthony has written eight books, co- authored a ninth (with Nobel-prize nominee, Professor Ervin Laszlo) and been a co-editor of a tenth which was nominated for the British Medical Association Psychiatric Book of the Year in 2012. His writing focuses on the mysteries of the consciousness-reality interface with regards to extraordinary human experiences. In December 2019 his tenth book, “The Hidden Universe” was published. This is a review of the evidence for non-human intelligences active on Earth.

Tim is a philosopher, transformational leader and bestselling author of 35 books, published internationally. He is one of ''The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People' in Watkins Magazine 2020 List (#50). Find out more about Tim's ideas and the ICU, his online community of life-explorers:
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