Will the next Skyrim be Xbox exclusive?

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Xbox announced their plans to purchase Bethesda this week and surprised the entire industry to its core. Of course, the big news has us wondering… Will past and future games be locked to the Xbox Series X or the Xbox Series S in the near future? Will the next Skyrim or Fallout be playable on PS5? We’re taking a look at all those questions and more this week on Send News!

If the Bethesda buy out wasn’t enough, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S pre orders went live on Tuesday and despite some subtle jabs from Phil Spencer and Xbox twitter it went about as well you’d expect - which is to say, not much better or worse than the PS5 pre order chaos. Speaking of the PS5 it’s also been reported that there were quite a bit fewer PS5 Digital Edition models available for pre order than the standard PS5 model.

Another surprise story this week hit just yesterday when Amazon announced that it will be joining the cloud gaming market with it’s new subscription service Luna. Set to hit iOS and and all your other favorite mobile devices Amazon hopes to take on Stadia and xCloud.

Last but not least our final story is about a potential breach that could effect hundreds of thousands of Activision accounts and Call of Duty players. Many complaints have been surfacing about hacked accounts and credentials being swapped. Activision’s official word is that reports of a security breach so far have been inaccurate but it might be time to change that password just in case.

Don’t forget to stick around for listener questions and thanks for watching Inside Gaming Presents: Send News!

00:00 - Intro
00:35 - Xbox buys Bethesda
18:29 - Amazon Luna announced
32:16 - Xbox declares pre order victory
35:14 - PS5 Digital Edition is extra scarce
39:37 - Series X 1TB Expansion is $220
42:00 - Did Activision get hacked?
48:29 - Listener Questions

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